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Statistics indicate that increasingly SMEs are opting for ERPs especially to cope with business in the post-pandemic scenario. While they search on the internet using different search engines for ERP Solutions, it yields numerous results pointing towards the wide-spread options that are available in the market. There are ready-made ERP solutions and ones that are customized based on client requirements. Some come with references and others with fancy promises and offers. All websites indicate that once an ERP system is put in place, the industry moves towards a leap in their business.

The pandemic has made a lot of businesses believe in remote functioning so much so that work-from- home has become the order of the day in many industries. There are numerous implications that it has had and one of them is the increasing demand for the ERP implementation in the Small and Medium scale Establishments(SMEs). The global ERP software market is said to reach the $ 78 billion mark by 2026 (60 Must-Know ERP Statistics Before Making a Buying Decision (

It is also reported that companies with a well established and functional ERP had their businesses running smoothly without any hitches or breaks. The lockdowns and restrictions disallowing face-to-face interactions did not stop business tracking, decision making or any other important function in any way. Their information integrated through automation using cloud systems made information available for any employee in any location enabling each of the functions to flow naturally from one to another. All the reporting that is part of any ERP system such as notifications and approvals kept the communication up-to-date. This is what every business requires to be successful after all- remote access, steady flow of communication, updates from time to time aiding timely decision making.

That brings up the question of how should one choose the right ERP for their business?

Well, experts in the field suggest that making the right choice for the company is the most important decision that a company would have to make. Along with that, when ERP Software in Chennai is tied to long term planning of the business, this requires the company to have a vision for themselves. This vision will guide in making the right choice.

Every business is unique and functions in a particular manner. A customised ERP can help address concerns of that business in the most effective way.

Automation of the functioning is a long drawn process and it requires patience and time of the implementing industry. This can ensure that the software that is implemented has no loopholes.

GWAY is a one-stop shop for all ERP requirements. It has provided clients with bumper-to-bumper kind of solutions that have helped the businesses not just run smoothly but male huge profits in the long-run. You need a specialist to provide business solutions and GWAY is that specialist your business needs to provide perfectly crafted software that identifies the needs of your business. While there are many views and debates about ready-made ERP Vs customized ones and that the customised ones are more expensive than the ready-made ones. You need to out your thoughts on one thing, when you opt for a ready made ERP there may be many features you may not need at all but still you will end up paying for it because it comes as a package. When you opt for a customized ERP, you have the power to choose the applications that will be most useful in your context and work just around them, thereby saving money on lakhs or millions for your business. Think about it!

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