Mapping your business into success!

Industry trends analysis on ERPs in 2020 reveal that 93% of the organisations that opted for an ERP found it to be successful. We have already seen statistical data pointing towards a surge in the demand for ERP Solutions even amongst the Small and Medium Scale industries. So does it indicate that the fears about ERP failures that loomed large a couple of years ago have disappeared? Or is it that industries are able to source the right kind of options for them?

To understand that we need to first look at what we define as a success of the ERP itself. Is the success defined by the project going live on time? Or that it was well within budget? Or if it enhanced profits and brought around a great turn over? Well ERP is a system and analysing its success needs to be carefully crafted. It needs to be linked directly to the objectives of why a business opted to adopt an ERP. If the objective of opting for an ERP was linked to overall cost effectiveness, that should be the pointer to gauge the success of the system. If the business house looked at plugging loopholes in the Supply Chain Management and if that was achieved then that becomes the indicator for success. So it is not always about profit and loss of that particular year.

So when you analyse your success it is important to keep the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in mind so that you arrive at the best possible result for your company. With all these guiding points and expected outcomes from your decision to shift to an ERP, you will be able to map the success of your business more perfectly. It is also important for businesses to understand they are in a competition with their own selves to see if they do better than the previous years.

At GWAY, we understand the needs of businesses that have a style-of-their-own. It is important for any ERP maker to understand the ethos of the business house and also reflect the same in the application that is developed. GWAY spends quality time analysing the needs of its customer because that is the first step to help link the need to the outcome. This also helps to get a common understanding of the KPI that the business house can use map success in its own terms.

Recently GWAY mapped the entire business of a Coal distributor on a path to success, pinning each point from the movement of raw material to the final point using the AGILE methodology. With Agile, the whole process was broken down into smaller segments to each step from the procurement of the raw material to the final product. The team at GWAY worked closely with its clients to understand the nuances of the business and developed a tailor-made software that brought into action the steps that the client visualised. With such meticulous and step-by-step planning the success of the ERP was ensured with a lifetime support.

Mapping and making ERP a success lies in the approach towards the system itself and GWAY has the best solutions to offer for your business that is unique and distinct.

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