Customer Relationship Management

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  • CRM integrates Sales & Marketing to gain uplifted revenues.
  • Customer-oriented service for fulfillment to increase sales.
  • A customer-based process for maximizing profits.

The core concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to maintain the customer request, feedback to serve them better. With ERP's CRM product, you can have a healthy relationship between the customers and can have crystal clear interactions, which improves profitability as customer expectations are met through a streamlined process. In the CRM module, you can bridge the gap across departments such as sales, marketing, purchase and customer service. The main advantage of CRM modules is to increase team collaboration, which is directly proportional to high profitability and better client relationships.

CRM will act as a real-time interactive application to know the customer's & to mainly focus on their wishes to create a valuable lifetime customer for the business.

By making business processes more efficient, CRM helps to increase sales with customer fulfillment at greater volumes.

A single centralised database to access across all departments to provide clear visibility to improvise and satisfy the customers.

With the CRM module, you can track the details of customers and suppliers in detail to know about the issues they face and formulate a complete repository with user-defined information which is available as a record to ignore the same in future for business continuity.

“An integrated approach to cross departmental collaboration with User Satisfaction”.

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