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GwayERP is an Indian based company with head office located at Chennai. The company marked it footprint into ERP Software in Chennai since 2016 as the metro city is moving towards the Industrial hub.

Our motto is to serve the thirst in accounting field with the automated robust application. It started with the inhouse development unit for the customers considering Chennai the best marketplace.

Performance management

GwayERP (ERP Software Companies In Chennai) product focuses mainly on the quality of data being flowed within the modules with security. We systematically analyze the usage of data and extract the mandate information even if its complex and display for reporting.

With most valuable customers and suppliers, the data being integrated within the modules are more important for a precise reporting. With very high volume of data and variety of information being accessible we enhance the reporting based on the customer requirements with required information without any data loss.

The main question which arises dealing with high volume of data is the Speed. We completely take care of the performance. Our application is web based with ultimate speed. With no doubts the application will be accessible with no wait.

Application can be accessed by any number of users at anytime and the performance lag will not happen with the high volume of data. Robust performance is the key feature for meeting the end users expectations. Structured information flow is followed at backend to avoid loss of data and any level of complex data can be handled.

With low latency the crucial data will be processed within the modules in application by any user who is authorized. Our technology is formulated in a way to manage bulk data anytime

Agile methodology

The technology is emerging towards the Agile model to break up the requirements into granular stages for constant development. The main advantage of going into Agile is the modules being developed initially can be used as a trial version in real time and the issues we face in business can be addressed immediately.

There won’t be any lag or dependency over the other module. The immediate clarification and requirements can be solved in less time and can get to know the future enhancement in the application based on the real time use.

The best way to adapt Agile is the team is ready to adapt the change anytime but the time of development and deliverable time may vary based on the criticality of the change suggested by the customer. Based on the issues faced in past module the future modules will be planned and efficiency will be improved

Most affordable

The tailor-made product which We create for the business will be with a good value to reach your customers at any time anywhere. Depending on the sales and customers you can get the data in your hand with low cost implementation for a module.

We assure the product suggested by us with your recommendation will be the best in quality and easily accessible to withstand in business. Above all can be achieved with low cost with good quality.

With no matter of huge investment, you can invest and expand the business with multiple modules and upgrade the business strategy with constant centralised data.

As the cost of the product is acceptable the small-scale industry can be advantaged and can get a clear vision on the sales and the customers. With the customized application the data flow can be integrated and visible to know the strategy in the product investment in manufacture industry .

Our product doesn’t compromise the cost with the quality. Quality will be considered first with data security. We suggest multiple best approach for the requirements with cost variance and it’s up to the business owner to confirm the needs for the customized product to get developed. Complete freedom for the business owner to provide their needs is the key point for us.

Personalized Service and Support

We are one of the best ERP Software Companies in Chennai We offer a personalised service as per the recommendations you provide for Process Manufacturing Software. The special feature of our service and support team is to not to force on the new module rather We will adapt to the feature you suggest with high performance. We offer multiple programs with reliable support for the smooth transitions.

We develop a self-support service by training the employees for immediate troubleshooting in order to ignore the showstopper in business which directly impacts the business. We provide customer the choice and create customer centric statement for service.

Our personalised service follows mainly on the quality of service provided on time for the customer determining the expectations. Based on the previous support We provided the team will made a tailor phase to rectify the same in future implementation which will be hassle free.

We assure that the support from us will satisfy you and will be the best easy approach for your problems. Few customers rely on chat bot for the immediate basic queries and if the client requires in the product, we can implement the same in our tailor made chatbot.

The customer support can be accessed virtually or in person based on the criticality and priority of the issue. Complete transitions of the use of product will be provided to a technical person to take it forward from us for your business after implementation.

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