Human Resource Management

Strategic Approach
  • Develop and improve the competitive wage rates for employees.
  • Security measures for the welfare of employees & employers.
  • Centralised platform to access the recruitment effectively to reduce cost.

Human resources are a vital role in any business which is responsible for any decisions to get finalised to yield the best results. As per industry standards, employees must be treated and compensation be tracked.

Payroll, which is the method to administer the employee’s salaries through tax deductions, compensation calculations, retirement benefits etc. based on the business perspective. Payroll and HR work together to formulate a complete salary structure with employee and employer satisfaction.

With our product, you can reduce manual efforts to some extent, which reduces and saves time. It is achievable through Payroll Management, which includes payroll registers, report generations based on specific intervals.

The major part of salary deduction/calculation is simplified through integrating biometric/smart card data into the system for tracking attendance & security violations through alert management if required.

The Hr-Payroll module is customizable based on the customer's needs to improvise the employee management data and payroll processing. The automated batch process will be initiated monthly to integrate the employee attendance and payroll can be processed by a finance team for further processing.

You can very well track the personal details and health issues that can be monitored, which can make a record of each employee with health assessment, as employee health is important for a business to sustain.

Each business is unique. Let's create your roadmap together.

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