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ERP as a process management software integrates the operations with more efficacy. It optimizes the data and provides the accurate report based on the customer requirements with improved information’s.

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Why Gway ERP?


Gway ERP - We are unique

We earn customers through our uniqueness.

We are passionate about delivering dedicated customized product for the customers.

The customization is based on each industries and we are excited with customers to simplify the complexity.

We realize the potential of the business and we believe in joining hands to satsify clients requirements

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Our main strength is providing exceptional quality products which are technically advanced with optimized performance.

We have an expert group highly experienced in marketing strategies to uplift the product.

The application which we design is considered to be built with a responsive approach to enhance the user experience.

We focus on results and customer satisfaction.

Choose Us to Excel in your Business with a hassle-free application at an affordable cost.


Our application is easy to access and retrieve the data’s with more pictorial representations & reports.


We offer 24/7 support to rectify the issues you faced for a healthy business outcomes without any interruptions.

Cost Control

To excel in market along with quality cost optimization is preferred. We balance the product with the cost which is more effective to sustain.

Powerful Dashboard

Our customized dashboard illustrates the vital information which user prefers to showcase the customers.

Unique Feature

Detailed analysis of the requirement and make a dedicated application for the user to access with ease.

Smart Notification

We offer an alert management system in Payments, Stocks areas to avoid the last minute rush as we value the customer needs.

Gway ERP Module


Inventory Management

  • Get accurate stock details as stock trends are monitored
  • Analysis on customer demands through the reports
  • Monitor stock in hand to satisfy customers

Finance & Accounting

  • Helps to improvise the financial process
  • Financial transactions made simpler and tracked
  • Strategise the revenue and track the inflow and outflow

Supply Chain Management

  • Key module to integrate customers & suppliers.
  • Demand planning and management to satisfy customers.
  • Track shipment & logistics information through reports.

Sales & Marketing

  • Get qualified leads & stay ahead in industry.
  • Pre-sales and sales activities to the simplest with clarity.
  • Tracking sales returns as quality is more important.


  • CRM integrates Sales & Marketing to gain uplifted revenues.
  • Customer-oriented service for fulfilment to increase sales.
  • A customer-based process for maximizing profits.


  • Develop and improve the competitive wage rates for employees.
  • Security measures for the welfare of employees & employers.
  • Centralised platform to access the recruitment effectively to reduce cost.

Business Intelligence

  • Interactive dashboards for strategic forecasting to drive business.
  • Reliable decision making is possible without any risks.
  • Provides real-time data for the owners to make better solutions to avoid risks.


  • Easily manage the price change of stock
  • The purchase order provides a precise record with stock and price details.
  • Avoid manual entries and save time on tracking.

ERP in


Why ERP in Manufacturing?

ERP for manufacturing Industry is customized to access the more sensitive data across anywhere anytime with granular level information securely. With the reliable functionalities in ERP we can eliminate the unnecessary data for reporting and can be more precise with the reporting.

Consistent look of integrated report is accessed with the help of ERP which reduces the cost and time at long run. With the statistical report which the software produces, the approach of sales with respect to profit can be calculated accurately which helps in betterment of development and leads to sustainability in industry.

A common database is preferred in ERP software where the data loss is highly impossible and as a whole unit, we can integrate the entire module where the real time data gets flowed across the application. A crystal-clear line of sight is attained with a single database to avoid data flow loss within systems.

An overall visibility in core business is achieved through ERP where the data optimization is handled without additional cost. Real time data visibility will be accessed anytime for improvising the business.

As the world is approaching digitalization and manufacturing industry is marking its footprint in automation - ERP plays a vital role in data security where the integrated modules help in reducing the overhead costs with data folding and follow-ups which reduces the manpower.

Manufacturing industry is blooming at present which requires a good system for sustaining in the competitive lists. To achieve and marks its brand a good ERP system is required which will be more flexible to adapt the future needs to make a growth in the industry

Why choose us?

WE produce a complete tailor-made ERP software dedicated for your business with all the key information’s required for sustaining. To increase more productivity and reliability our product acts as a platform for the business to adapt the drift the industry requires.

Our product streamlines the modules and load all the data at centralised database for easy access with more security. By choosing us we assure the complete implementation with all basic level of information’s will be transited to the user for adapting easily and get used to our ERP software in Chennai.

With our dedicated customized Manufacturing ERP software, you can see the change in near future. Our software key feature is to automate the daily process without any data loss and offer the manufacturers to meet and go beyond the customer needs with help of real time data.

Main objective of the tailor-made software is you can get the basic level of application being developed initially and based on the dynamic changes of the business you can develop and integrate the updated modules.

The customized product act as a backbone for the core business which manage the system functionalities which removes the complex data handling. By adapting with this product, you can expect your business with a changeover to overcome the slow and trouble functionalities being handled separately with more manpower and cost.

For a collaborative model our product helps the business to initiate the request in advance to suppliers, distributors & customers. We offer the product with more modular level with less implementation time and appropriate costs which profits mutually.

Personalized Service and Support

We offer a personalised service as per the recommendations you provide. The special feature of our service and support team is to not to force on the new module rather We will adapt to the feature you suggest with high performance. We offer multiple programs with reliable support for the smooth transitions.

We develop a self-support service by training the employees for immediate troubleshooting in order to ignore the showstopper in business which directly impacts the business. WE provide customer the choice and create customer centric statement for service.

Our personalised service follows mainly on the quality of service provided on time for the customer determining the expectations. Based on the previous support We provided the team will made a tailor phase to rectify the same in future implementation which will be hassle free.

We assure that the support from us will satisfy you and will be the best easy approach for your problems. Few customers rely on chat bot for the immediate basic queries and if the client requires in the product, we can implement the same in our tailor made chatbot.

The customer support can be accessed virtually or in person based on the criticality and priority of the issue. Complete transitions of the use of product will be provided to a technical person to take it forward from us for your business after implementation with our ERP Software Development Company in Chennai

Cost Effective

The tailor-made product which We create for the business will be with a good value to reach your customers at any time anywhere. Depending on the sales and customers you can get the data in your hand with low cost implementation for a module.

We assure the product suggested by us with your recommendation will be the best in quality and easily accessible to withstand in business. Above all can be achieved with low cost with good quality. With no matter of huge investment, you can invest and expand the business with multiple modules and upgrade the business strategy with constant centralised data.

As the cost of the product is acceptable the small-scale industry can be advantaged and can get a clear vision on the sales and the customers. With the customized application the data flow can be integrated and visible to know the strategy in the product investment in manufacture industry.

Our product doesn’t compromise the cost with the quality. Quality will be considered first with data security. We suggest multiple best approach for the requirements with cost variance and it’s up to the business owner to confirm the needs for the customized product to get developed. Complete freedom for the business owner to provide their needs is the key point for us

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We are thankful for your inputs & really appreciate your cooperation. we look forward to have such excellence in near future as well.

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Simplified & Efficient Customized ERP Software Applications & Easing Business Operations! With their 12+ Software Modules helped us to streamlined our business process in a better way.
(Business Operating Systems-BOS Suite).

Understanding the business domain and easy implementation helps us to focus on business and not worry about the process & its operations. We have been working with GWAYERP as our platform for the last 2+years.

Extremely Happy with its capabilities and would highly recommend it! "GwayERP"

We highly recommend it! GwayERP.



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