• Easily manage the price change of stock
  • The purchase order provides a precise record with stock and price details.
  • Avoid manual entries and save time on tracking

Purchasing is an extremely difficult and critical part of administration. We offer an efficient purchase management module to track the items that are stocked with respect to the suppliers and the cost of items with which they have been purchased so far.

This module supports stock administration, receipt confirmation, payment etc.

Purchase management is the main focus area in business to fulfil the items requested and to re-order the shortage in stocks to assure the business is not interrupted.

Our product records the details of the complete purchase history systematically with numerous suppliers. With these records, a company can improve the quality and quantify the stocks with less time and cost to meet the competitive edge.

GwayERP improves the purchase management by keeping concurrent checks on the stocks available for inventory replenish.

Automated notification with a list of orders that need to be refilled will be notified to avoid stock shortage at an earlier stage.

Reducing manual effort, by saving time.With advance planning on a purchase order, you can perform services for end customers without delay and fulfil their needs on time through our integrated product between inventory management and purchase management.

Each business is unique. Let's create your roadmap together.

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